Please volunteer to help with duty free lunch on Fridays so our teachers get a break!  



Thank you for volunteering, please follow these guidelines while you are volunteering at lunch.  Thank you! 

  1. Plan to arrive for check in at front desk by 10:20am
  2. Classes rotate in and out every 30 minutes beginning 10:30am
  3. Last class rotates in at 12:30pm – lunch over by 1:00pm
  4. 3 Parents should work each shift
  5. First shift is 10:30am to 11:45am (arrive by 10:20am)
  6. Second shift is 11:45am to 1:00pm (arrive by 11:35am)
  7. One parent should be responsible for keeping children in the cafeteria and watch the doors for exiting
  8. Two parents should attend to the children at the tables
  9. Students should not be coming in and out of the cafeteria during lunch
  10. Students will ask to use the restrooms.  Encourage them that the teachers told them before lunch or after.  Only an obvious restroom emergency need is allowed to use the restroom
  11. Students asking to use the water fountain need to use the water fountain in the cafeteria, not the hallways
  12. The first 5 minutes of each lunch shift should be quite time encouraging the students to eat during this time
  13. Each table has a small cone with a red cup – red cup on top of cone means quite time
  14. After first 5 minutes – remove red cup from cone
  15. Do not allow students to roam from table to table and do not allow students to play freely in the cafeteria
  16. If a student raises their hand go to where they are seated to assist
  17. Last 5 minutes of each shift red cup goes back on cone and students should begin clean up
  18. One or two students per grade need to volunteer to roll large trash cans down the aisles for clean up
  19. Two students per grade need to volunteer for table wiping
  20. All students with trays should place trays in red milk cartons provided by WT café – cartons sit on floor in middle of cafeteria
  21. Students should begin lining up to exit cafeteria through double doors a few minutes before end of lunch period
  22. Table wiping begins at that time.  Parents use spray bottle to spray tables and students wipe the tables
  23. Spray bottles and rags are set out before the lunch day begins
  24. Students should NOT be using the spray bottle
  25. Always ask the teacher if any unique needs are in place for that day